I cannot thank you enough for partnering with us and the Ritz Carlton for their annual wedding planner event. When Robin and I began to brainstorm on the general concepts…I knew you were the guy. You did not disappoint!

The guests were all buzzing about it, tweeting about it, blogging about it and most all raving about it ALL! The special elements you provided perfectly paired; beautiful floral pieces, mixed with the crystal pieces…embraced the venue and the theme! The table settings, with the woven placemats, were so creative! Showcasing the new lighted products, the crystal beaded curtain, elevated tables, leather barbershop barstools, leather table cloths…and then – magically hanging plants, too!? Those planners were certainly not expecting all of that! Bravo!

We appreciate your willingness to showcase your creative forces once again, in the 200 Peachtree venue. I do hope the effort is returned to you, tenfold! Your team did a great job, as always, to support your creative vision! You certainly provided an experience to be talked about all summer! Thanks again. Enjoy the holiday weekend!